ALL IN Challenge – Rokt partners with Fanatics to raise millions for those in need

Rokt is proud to be an official partner of Fanatics’ ALL IN Challenge!

When our team heard that our valued partner Fanatics was hosting ALL IN, the largest digital fundraiser ever, we knew we had to get involved. We are excited to be doing our part in helping raise funds to support food organizations such as Meals on Wheels, No Kid Hungry, America’s Food Fund, Feeding America, and World Central Kitchen.

The challenge, which invites celebrities to donate valuable memorabilia or special experiences that fans can bid on via the Fanatics website, is aiming to raise tens of millions of dollars for those in need—kids, the elderly, and frontline heroes. With Rokt Ecommerce, our technology is helping Fanatics achieve their goal by providing customers the opportunity to donate after every transaction.

First, Rokt is implementing technology on, the company’s flagship site, to prompt customers to donate. Starting on the program’s April 14th launch day, every customer was introduced to the ALL IN Challenge using Position 1 of the Rokt Experience on the confirmation page:



Rokt’s technology prioritizes the ALL IN Challenge message and helps ensure customers are introduced to the initiative and given an opportunity to donate. This initiative acts, all at once, as an introduction, reminder, and strong call-to-action to engage with the ALL IN Challenge. 

Second, Rokt is adding an ALL IN Challenge footer message to all Fanatics Experiences outside of For example, here’s the footer on


Every day, tens of thousands of customers across the Fanatics Experience universe will be encouraged to “go ALL IN on COVID-19” with a link to the ALL IN Challenge homepage to “Donate & Learn More” about the program.

To date, we’ve driven over 50,000 customers to the ALL IN Challenge homepage via these integrations and helped Fanatics raise over $30 Million to eliminate food insecurity.

Rokt is proud to have partnered with Fanatics on this initiative. A valued client of Rokt, you can read more about how we drove a 470% increase in annual revenue for the leading sports business here.  Find out more about the ALL IN challenge here, or get in touch to find out how our technology can help your business.