Getting Targeting and Alignment right on Rokt

Critical to the success of any Rokt campaign is getting your audience targeting right. Reaching the right audience on the right device, at the right time, and on sites that are aligned with your brand is all possible with Rokt.

Under your audience settings, you will need to fill out the some of following sections:

  • Audience Name
  • Demographics
  • Device types (auto-ticked to all)
  • Partner industries you want to target
  • Cultural targeting
  • Time of day targeting
  • Bid price (what you are willing to pay per referral)
  • Customer Journey (adding in email confirmations)


So how do you become a boss at Audience Targeting?

  1. Set your audience name in a clear manner

Example: Male | 20-40 | US, Female | All ages | 10% promo

  1. Select a maximum bid price for referrals (remember, you only pay when a person says yes!)

Example: $2.50 (refer to suggested bid prices)

You can’t manually set your bid price lower than $1. There are some customers who are operating on a lower than a $1 bid price, but it significantly impacts ability to get scale and share of voice.

  1. Take advantage of Advanced Targeting options and get high-converting referrals!

We encourage you to get super-specific with your audience targeting. Whatever makes your campaign more successful will put a smile on our faces. Some of your options include:

    • Device: Desktop, Mobile, Tablet
    • Cultural Targeting: Particular last names
    • Day & Time Targeting: When are they online?

For additional information on audience setup, visit this link.